Monday, 20 June 2016

Happy Solstice and our Plans for Summer

I always feel so excited for this day. It's one of my most favourite days of the year! The end of the school year is almost here which means peaceful, easy times are on their way. Warm sunshine? No bedtimes? No lunches or activities? YES PLEASE!!! Here is what we hope to do over the next couple of months...
  • excersize - hopefully lots of it as we have no school in the AM means we can walk later in the evening
  • beach time aplenty - Mahoods, Palm, Donkersley, Second, Gibsons as much as we can
  • island Hopping - Savary, Texada and if we can swing a ride there, Harwood Island
  • like above, some boat rides with friends on the Ocean
  • lake Hopping - Haslam, Inland, Haywire, Little & Big Sliammon, Powell 
  • supper outside - daily on the deck, we have no excuses not to cook at home
  • healthy, fresh eating -  summertime and gardens make it easy to eat better
  • garage sale - our junk could potentially be another man's treasure :)
  • picnics outside - in the yard, at the beach, in the park, wherever really
  • movies under the stars - we have our very own big back yard and a projector so again, no excuses
  • closet clean-up - I hope for a big purge this summer, from every closet in the house
  • painting, card making, lego building - DAILY SCREEN FREE TIME
  • more photography - I want to learn more and push myself
  • more blogging - fingers crossed I'll make some time for me
  • lots of friend time - we don't see enough of some special people, time to change that
  • parties - we have yet to have a real house party here
  • tennis - Jackson and Lily really love to play and summer seems like the perfect time to get out there and play. 
  • star gazing under blankets on the trampoline
  • berry picking

I honestly didn't read last year's list until I finished writing this one. Funny how similar they are. I guess what I'm hoping is what I hope for every summer - an easy, very relaxed vibe. I like not having many plans and taking the day as it comes. Jackson made the Summer Baseball Team so there will be a couple away trips but hopefully we'll be mostly sticking close to home. Powell River has so much to offer, there is no need to go far to enjoy life. I feel like I should add one more hope, the same thing I ended my list off with last year.

  • Daily appreciation for what we have, where we live and how we love and are loved
Happy Solstice! Cheers to summertime!

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