Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Happy Happy Halloween

Boy did the rain fall hard ALL.DAY.LONG yesterday. I sat at work looking out the window, dreading the evening and being wet and cold all night while trick or treating. Then, just like someone had waved a magic wand around 2:30 in the afternoon, it stopped. YAY! There were still a load of clouds around, but some sunshine managed to peak through lifting everyone's spirits, especially mine! My big pink bunny was happy to hop from his Great Granny's to both his grandparents houses then for some pictures with me before he went off with friends to trick or treat. "NO parents welcome" he said. I told him that was fine so long as I got a picture before they went away. :) I don't necessarily worry about his behaviour, it's others and their influence that scares me. All went well fortunately.  
Hermione, Neil and I met my sister and a good friend and spent a good couple hours going house to house before heading home to look over the loot she collected. Jack called for pick up a little later that I'd have liked him to on a school night but was happy after a good evening with his friends. His haul certainly wasn't as big as his sisters however I'm sure as there were no parents around, he ate far more than he should have as he went around. Our pumpkins looked great lining our driveway once again making me pause and feel extra grateful for where we live now. Halloween 2016 was good.

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