Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My 44th

Although we hosted a big carving party Saturday night, I didn't actually get to carve a pumpkin and neither did Neil. So on Sunday, my birthday, that was my biggest request. We slept in, I opened some cards and gifts then we headed to my parents for brunch. We returned home around 1 and got started creating fun faces in our pumpkins. Some friends came by with flowers and more gifts (yes I was totally spoiled silly again this year) then Neil and Jackson left for town as Jackson had to ref a hockey game. Once they returned, we dined on leftover snacks from the party the night before and capped it off with a Happy Birthday song and candle on a delicious chocolate croissant (thank you Lise!). I began my next trip around the sun with a happy full heart surrounded by love and light. I feel so blessed, lucky and grateful. 

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