Thursday, 3 November 2016

October Days

Wow October!!! Every year I look so forward to this glorious month and it never ever disappoints. Thanksgiving, leaves, pumpkins, birthdays, painting, leaves, baking, decorating, ET, Dead Poet's Society, leaves, long walks, cozy blankets, Halloween, hot chocolate, sweaters, did I mention leaves? So much beauty everywhere!!! How could there be any better time? Apparently this was one of the wettest October's in years but I didn't notice. I guess I took advantage of all those decent days that were mixed in with the wet ones and got outside to enjoy. And on those rainy ones, I was more than happy to stay in and enjoy the comforts of home. Once again, I'm left in disbelief that the month has already come and gone but as ever, look forward to all the excitement the next couple of month will bring.  

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  1. Love all your autumn leaf pics they are so pretty. In Brisbane where I live we don't really have the seasonal change like that with the exception of one tree in the main road that I take Sienna to and get some pics. happy Birthday to you it looks like you had a great day. I only just read the comment you left on my blog about my birthday tradition photo ....thanks it made my day. Let me just say that you are still a spring chicken at your age....I've got 9 years on you. Have a great week. Kathy